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Hardly Worth Puttin' On | Lingerie Edition | Chris Sparks | Lyric Video

The Lingerie Edition of the 'Hardly Worth Puttin' On' Lyric Video by Chris Sparks. From the album 'A Woman Like You'. Download the full album for free at


Hardly Worth Puttin On
By Chris Sparks

Steam comes rollin' through the door,
She barely closed
She's barely clothed.

Yellow silk & lace
(Her) Body shines, Every move is grace.
Puttin’ on another pretty face.
And makes sure every hair's in place.

She slides on her brand new dress.
I'm supposed to know which shoe looks best.
Now that everything's just right.
All she wants to know,
Is baby do you like?

CHORUS 1, 2 & 3
You're beautiful
Every thing I'd ever want.

I'm gettin' spiritual,
So I don't get physical.
I'd be amazed if I don't

If my words can let you see,
Right now what you're doing to me,
Let you know my love's still strong.

Baby it looks so good on you,
It's hardly worth puttin' on.

TAG (On Chorus 3)
Baby it looks so good on you,
It's hardly worth puttin' on.

Breeze comes blowing off the sand,
Through the cottage curtains,
Across her two-tone tan.

She wakes smilin when she sees,
Me still holdin' her,
She's still holdin' on to me.

She jumps up and grabs a bag,
With her new bikini and cuts the tag,
She slides off to try it on,
Returns concerned,
Baby is this color all wrong?




Baby it looks so good on you,
It's hardly worth puttin' on.

Copyright Christopher Lee Sparks and his licensors. All Rights Reserved!

Written by Chris Sparks..

Producer: Chris Sparks

Labels: SPARKS Records, Chris Sparks Records

Management: Chris Sparks Entertainment

Studio: Starstruck Studios

Recording Engineers: Chad Carlson | Strings Engineer: Bobby Shin

Mixing: Chad Carlson

Musicians: Dug Grieves (Guitar), Steve Hinson (Slide Guitar), Pat McGrath (Acoustic Guitar), Wayne Killius (Drums), Dow Tomlin (Bass), Howard Duck (Keys) and Glen Duncan (Fiddle).

Strings: David Angel, Kristin Wilkinson, David Davidson & Anthony LaMarchina. Strings Arranged by David Davidson. Engineered by Bobby Shin.

Background Vocals: Kim Parent, Vicki Hampton